Introduction to Dress How You Want

     If there’s one thing mainstream media is lacking, it’s positivity for women. We see our most dynamic role models carefully censored and put through the wringer of double standards and “who wore it better” debates. Remember when Demi Lovato was “too fat” and developed an eating disorder?  Then she was made fun of for the disorder, recovered, and then was made fun of again when she put on more weight? Taylor Swift went out jogging with lipstick and the paparazzi were quick to snap it and the tabloids laughed at her, but they forget that if she hadn’t worn lipstick they would’ve called her ugly. Nicki Minaj was called disgusting for her music video to “Anaconda”, yet when J-Lo and Iggy Azalea released “Booty” with equal amounts of nudity they got nothing but praise. Why? Because it’s all in a vain effort to achieve perfection, as if there’s such a thing as a perfect woman.

     What we all forget so easily is that there really is no such thing as a “perfect woman”. Every person has flaws, inside and out. Every person has a scar or a stretch mark or hair somewhere they don’t want it. Every person has a different body shape, a different taste in fashion, different hair types – every person is so different from the other. That is what we forget as we buy a pair of size two skinny jeans and hang them up as a weight goal while we have size nine hips. That is what the 20 million women in the U.S. who suffer from eating disorders don’t realize.

     Every year, billions of dollars are pumped into the beauty industry. From things as simple as mascara and eyeliner kits to skin whitening and chemical hair relaxers, it’s all marketed towards every type of woman so they can become the “perfect woman”. Dark-skinned girls are told their complexion is ugly so they stay out of the sun and put on whitening cream; black girls get weaves to make their hair straight and shiny because they’re told their natural dreadlocks are disgusting; Asians get surgery to have bigger eyes; fat girls are told they’re unhealthy just because they’re bigger and they spend tons of money on weight loss programs.

     Nobody takes a moment to step back and realize these things don’t have to be used to make themselves somebody they’re not.
Why try to be somebody you’re not? Why be the person society wants you to be instead of just being your happy, healthy self?

     Embrace yourself! Embrace the person you already are – all of you! Every person is a dynamic and unique individual! There will be people who do and don’t appreciate the real you – why waste your time on the people who won’t love you for who you are?
Kick back, relax, have some fun with your clothes and your makeup! There’s no need to put yourself in society’s boring box and no need to let them tell you what to do.

     Never let anyone but you define yourself. You are the only one who gets to decide what you are and are not. Your body type does not have to define your wardrobe. Other people’s opinions do not have to define how you see yourself in the mirror. Love yourself like others love you.

     I hope that I can help spread this message as much as I can in whatever ways I can, especially by sharing my personal stories and styles with everyone. I plan on writing articles on many different fashion trends, fashion tips, and helpful how-to’s. With that being said, please approach this blog with an open mind. I am here to empower all types of women, and I do mean all. My ultimate goal is for all of my readers to learn to love themselves and remember the bottom line of fashion:

Dress how you want. You are beautiful.

Introduction to Dress How You Want

Caitlyn Jenner: a Lady With High Confidence and High Style

It’s no publicity stunt, it’s for real: Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce, has officially transitioned!

The introduction of Caitlyn has been notably marked by her appearance on the cover of Vanity Fair and a 22-page article in the issue. “I’m not doing this to be interesting. I’m doing this to live,” she said to Bissinger. She is finally being herself, after hiding her identity for years, and is “finally free”.

I would love to write an article about Caitlyn but Vanity Fair has definitely beat me to it. Instead, I would like to address a couple issues with some comments about her appearance I have been seeing. A few have said things such as “She’s prettier than I am!” or that she “doesn’t pass because she’s too old and wrinkly.”

I know that “She’s prettier than I am!” seems like a huge compliment but it is mostly coming from cisgender females. It emphasizes the standards that transgender women are held to, which is to be “as pretty” or prettier than a cisgender woman in order to “pass”. This is a problem. It ultimately invalidates the transgender women that cisgender women do not feel are pretty enough to be a lady. Not all transgender women have the resources or physical capabilities to undergo cosmetic surgeries like facial reconstruction or breast implants. This is not the most immediate issue I’ve seen – it pales in comparison to the rest – but it is an issue nonetheless. For all the cisgender women reading this, I do not mean to make you feel bad if you have said this, but please try to remember for the future: this is called a microaggression. They are “micro” because they are small things, but they build up a lot, and we do not need to build up the “standard” for transgender women. It is already very, very high. Let’s try to not compare transgenders to cisgenders.

As for “not passing” as a woman, screw that. She is a woman. Transgenders don’t need to “pass” for cisgender, because for some crazy reason a person’s appearance does not determine their gender or their value as a person. I could walk around in cargo jeans and combat boots for the rest of my life and cut my hair short and it wouldn’t make me any less a lady. Why should a transgender have to “pass” in order to transition? And just for the record, Caitlyn is an absolutely stunning lady and definitely “passes” according to your cissexist standards.

But since this is a fashion blog, let’s turn away from those issues for a moment and look at how stylish this lady is.

Those are just a few examples of her high-end dresses. Every single one perfectly flaunts everything about her body and her confidence in it. It’s astounding how much she’s transformed in the past few months – quite literally like a caterpillar into a butterfly.

I am so, so happy for Caitlyn Jenner. She has done a wonderful thing for herself. By discarding “Bruce” she is finally living her life as she always should have and that is an incredibly brave thing to do. I truly hope she has inspired many others to do the same and I wish her the best.

Caitlyn Jenner: a Lady With High Confidence and High Style

Well, I was going to have a Fashionable Person of the Week, but the only person I had in mind still has not responded, so I suppose I will have to wait to start this later. Build up a queue or something.

It just doesn’t make sense to post an entire interview about the person and their style and then not have a picture of it. It’s quite sad that’s the only hindrance.

Fake Nails for People Who Can’t Quit Biting Their Real Ones

My nails are virtually nonexistent because I bite them. I don’t know when it started, I don’t know why I’ve always done it, and I’ve tried pretty much everything to keep myself from biting them but somehow I end up catching myself in the middle of literally tearing my nail off with my teeth. It’s absolutely disgusting. They are now completely ruined and, if I don’t stop doing it, they’ll eventually turn into a circle. Some of them are very close to being half-circles.

So today I turned to my last resort: getting acrylic nails.
As I sat down at the table to meet my manicurist, I explained to her that I hadn’t ever had acrylics before. She nodded, pulled out a grinder, and started smoothing my nails. I sat in wide-eyed terror as she made a bunch of gross nail dust, hoping she didn’t grind straight through to the nail bed. She pulled out a box of giant plastic claws and said, “Square or round?”
Now, I had no idea what either of those looked like, so there was a long debate on the difference between square and round, mostly of her saying “Square is squared, round is rounded,” and me going, “Yeah but what does it look like?”
After all my nails were glued on, cut, had some powder that turned into weird pink stuff painted on them, and filed down, I was told to go wash my hands.
I could not figure out how to turn on the sink. I’m seventeen years old and can balance lengthy chemical equations in my head and I could not figure out how to turn on the sink. My manicurist had to turn it on for me. Unreal.

Now I am sitting at my house trying to relearn how to do everything with nails. It’s very difficult to type, as my nails keep getting stuck under the adjacent keys. So far I haven’t bitten my nails but I have wiggled them around in the light and watched them sparkle. My biggest concern is how badly will it hurt if one of them breaks?

And they’re not even that long. They’re just…normal-length. But it’s enough to stop me from pulling a tab back to open a soda.


(Webcams never run out of batteries. Unfortunately, most of them are trash like mine is. My real camera is dead and I am so sorry.)

Fake Nails for People Who Can’t Quit Biting Their Real Ones